How Tall Is Travis Kelce ? – Height, Career, and More 2023

Hey guys, today we’re diving into the fascinating world of Travis Kelce, the NFL star known for his remarkable career as a tight end. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s answer the burning question: How tall is Travis Kelce ?

Travis Kelce’s Background

BirthdateHometownCurrent Team
October 5, 1989Westlake, OhioKansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce, born on October 5, 1989, hails from Westlake, Ohio, and currently plays for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He’s earned his place in NFL history as one of the greatest tight ends of all time.

How Tall Is Travis Kelce
How Tall Is Travis Kelce

The Journey to the NFL

High SchoolCollegeAwards and Honors
Cleveland High SchoolCincinnati University– College Football Performance Awards Tight End of the Year (final season)
– First Team All Big East
– Most Outstanding Offensive Player (2012)

During his high school days at Cleveland High School, Kelce was already making waves in both basketball and football.

Scouts quickly recognized his talents, leading to numerous recruitment offers. Eventually, he committed to playing for Cincinnati University.

Kelce honed his tight end skills at Cincinnati and even won the College Football Performance Awards Tight End of the Year award in his final season.

He was also named to the First Team All Big East. In 2012, he received the Most Outstanding Offensive Player award from the University of Cincinnati.

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NFL Achievements

How Tall Is Travis Kelce
How Tall Is Travis Kelce
NFL Draft YearPro Bowl SelectionsFirst Team All-Pro SelectionsSuper Bowl Titles

Since being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, Kelce’s NFL career has been nothing short of spectacular.

He boasts eight Pro Bowl selections, four First Team All-Pro selections, and two Super Bowl titles. Kelce’s lightning-fast rise earned him a spot on the NFL All-Decade team in 2010.

He holds records for consecutive and overall seasons with at least 1000 receiving yards and is the fastest tight end to reach 10,000 receiving yards.

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How Tall Is Travis Kelce : Travis Kelce Height

HeightHeight in Meters
6 feet 5 inches1.95 meters

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: Travis Kelce height. He stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches (1.95 meters), a stature perfectly suited for his role as a tight end in the NFL.

His impressive height enables him to block opposing players effectively and grab passes over smaller defenders. For quarterbacks, he’s a reliable target, especially in short-pass situations.

Travis Kelce’s Impact

How Tall Is Travis Kelce
How Tall Is Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce height isn’t just about numbers; it’s a strategic advantage on the field. He collaborates with the offensive line to block and plays alongside the receivers.

Travis Kelce height becomes particularly advantageous in the “red zone,” where teams aim to score touchdowns. Kelce exploits Travis Kelce height to create mismatches and make catches seem effortless. His combination of size and skill makes him a versatile offensive threat.

But it doesn’t stop there—Kelce brings more than just physical attributes to the table. He possesses exceptional talent, speed, and agility, making him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

When paired with a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes, the duo becomes an unstoppable force. With two Super Bowl titles already under their belt, they’re eyeing a potential three-peat in the 2023–24 season.


Which city is Travis Kelce from?

Travis Kelce hails from Westlake, Ohio.

What is the weight of Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce’s official weight is 113 kg.

What is Travis Kelce’s salary?

Travis Kelce is currently under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, earning an annual average compensation of $14.3 million as per his contract terms.

Does Travis Kelce have a brother?

Yes, Travis Kelce has a brother named Jason Kelce, who plays as the center for the Philadelphia Eagle

When was Travis Kelce drafted?

Travis Kelce was drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was selected with the 63rd overall pick in the third round.

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