Is Bob Ross Son Continuing the Artistic Legacy? Get to Know Steve Ross

When we mention the name Bob Ross, an image of a serene painter with an iconic afro often comes to mind. But have you ever pondered over questions like, “Who is Bob Ross’s son?” and “Is he carrying forward the artistic heritage of his famous father?” If these thoughts have crossed your mind, prepare for an enlightening exploration of Steve Ross, the son of Bob Ross.

Steve Ross: Early Life

August 1, 1966Steve Ross is bornSteve is the son of Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge.
1980sSteve starts painting seriouslySteve is deeply influenced by his father’s art.
1989Steve becomes a Bob Ross certified instructorBegins imparting painting knowledge through classes.
1990sSteve’s appearances on “The Joy of Painting”Assists Bob Ross in teaching painting techniques on TV.
1995Bob Ross’s unfortunate passingSteve momentarily distances himself from painting.
2000sSteve’s resurgence in painting and teachingReturns to his passion, teaching and painting fervently.
PresentSteve’s ongoing contributions to artContinues teaching, selling artworks, and philanthropic efforts.

Born on August 1, 1966, to Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge, Steve Ross is not just the offspring of the legendary painter and television host; he has forged his own reputation as a distinguished artist. Immersed in the world of art from a tender age, Steve’s passion for painting was ignited early on.

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Steve’s Artistic Journey

The 1980s saw Steve delving deeply into the realm of painting, a period during which he also achieved certification as a Bob Ross instructor in 1989. Devotees of “The Joy of Painting” may recall Steve’s appearances on various episodes, where he exhibited his painting prowess.

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

The year 1995 marked a somber moment for the Ross family with the passing of Bob Ross. This poignant event briefly led Steve to distance himself from the canvas. Nevertheless, with time, the allure of art became irresistible.

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Steve Ross Today

bob ross son
bob ross son

Fast forward to the present day, and Steve resides in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where he passionately imparts painting workshops. His canvases, adorned with his distinctive landscapes, are now highly sought after in galleries and digital platforms.

Beyond his devotion to art, Steve’s heart beats for philanthropy. He plays a pivotal role in the Bob Ross Foundation, advocating for art education and fostering an appreciation for it.

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Steve Ross: A Master of Landscape Painting

Steve’s artistic abilities, particularly in landscape painting, are truly praiseworthy. His masterpieces, featuring vibrant colors and lifelike depictions of nature, serve as a testament to his talent.

Those in his inner circle often applaud Steve’s finesse, with some even suggesting that he might surpass his father in the realm of landscape painting.

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Overcoming Adversity

Life after his father’s passing was not without challenges for Steve. From grappling with the void left by his father to navigating financial turbulence, he faced numerous hurdles.

However, drawing strength from adversity, Steve emerged triumphant. Today, he stands as a beacon of inspiration, not only for his artistic pursuits but also for his resilience and unwavering commitment to preserving Bob Ross’s legacy.


The legacy of Bob Ross, adorned with “happy little trees,” finds a worthy heir in Steve Ross. His journey, from being Bob Ross’s son to carving out his own niche, is nothing short of inspirational. As Steve continues to share the joy of painting, he ensures that the Ross legacy endures.


Who is Bob Ross’s son?

Steve Ross, the accomplished artist and instructor, is the son of Bob Ross.

When was Steve Ross born?

Steve Ross was born on August 1, 1966.

Is Steve Ross still actively involved in painting?

Yes, Steve Ross remains actively engaged in painting and conducts numerous workshops and classes.

How is Steve Ross contributing to his father’s legacy?

Steve Ross is preserving his father’s legacy by teaching painting, creating artwork, and participating in charitable initiatives such as the Bob Ross Foundation.

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